UCI is the finest hospital I have ever been at & Dr. Djalilian has the most disarming & confident demeanor. You know you got the right guy in the right hospital.


Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.


I just had my hybrid cochlear implant surgery with Dr. Djalilian. He checked on me after surgery and my hearing was perfectly intact. I am one year out now and still have great hearing in my implanted ear and can use the hybrid implant.
We saw Dr. Djalilian after seeing multiple other surgeons. He spent time with us and explained the anatomy and the procedure in detail and made sure we understood everything. We had absolute confidence in him and were very happy with the results. He is definitely the best ear doctor in Orange County, and probably Southern California.
I saw Dr. Djalilian after having seen 6 other ear specialists in other states and in Southern California. He looked at my CAT scan thoroughly and saw what was causing my problem. It was a tiny defect in the bone which was the culprit, which had been missed by the other doctors. After another test, he confirmed his diagnosis and did my surgery. I am finally free of the pulsing sound I heard in my ear that was driving me crazy.
I came to see Dr. Djalilian from Las Vegas. I am old and was told by the doctors in Las Vegas that there was nothing I could do with my hearing loss and that I had to use hearing aids. One of them told me that I needed a cochlear implant. I went to Dr. Djalilian at University of California in Irvine. He took one look at my ears and said that I had scar tissue that had closed off my ear canal. He said he can open it and help me. I came back for the surgery a few weeks later. He used skin from the back of my ear and some silicone pieces to open the ear canal. Six weeks later, I could hear without my hearing aid – it was amazing! I am so glad I made the trip.
We had an amazing experience with Dr Djalilian and the team at UCI Medical Center. This was our first experience there and we had several appointments with various departments, all were very very good. Today our daughter was implanted and a mere few hours later we are home with our very happy 3 year old!! It’s truly a miracle! Thank you Dr for your skills and consultation, we are eternally grateful!
I am an avid surfer and was dreading being out of the water for more than a few weeks, but Dr. Hamid got me back surfing in 3 weeks. Very little pain, and I did both ears. He goes straight in, no cutting of your ears.
I am so thankful I found this doctor. He took the time to look at all my symptoms and he listened to me. I was misdiagnosed several times and could not find a treatment or relief. If you are experiencing chronic dizziness, I highly recommend him!
Phenomenal surgeon who was the perfect revisionist for botched tympanoplasties.
I had an acoustic neuroma removed by Dr. Djalilian and his team last week. My tumor was more than 3 cm (like 1 1/4 inch) and my facial nerve is completely normal. I was so worried about it and lost sleep for days thinking about it. He did an awesome job!